On 6 December Thunderclap Publishing hosted an evening of literary discussion at Burley Fisher Books.

Authors cum technologists Dominic Fox and Maartens Lourens took on the popular topics of artificial intelligence, machine learning and their use in literature and other creative fields.

Maartens Lourens’ latest novel Down To A Sunless Sea was co-written with neural net Deep Thunder, a machine learning device trained on the text of the story to create unique words and phrases used in the book.

Dominic Fox is the brain behind the website CodePoetics and author of Cold World: The Aesthetics of Dejection and the Politics of Militant Dysphoria.

Maartens Lourens is the author of Down to a Sunless Sea (with co-author Deep Thunder) and editor of the website Poetry WTF?!

Past Events

Immersive Book Launch


On 28 September 2017 Thunderclap Publishing staged a one of a kind book launch when 3 storey Hackney House in Shoreditch was transformed into the central setting from the book.

A team of 16 actors portrayed characters from the story, guiding guests on their journey and acting out scenes from the story.

Discussion on Literature & A.I.


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